With Honors

The prompt: who merits their own special date?
I had to sit and reason my way through it —
The question isn’t who I’d celebrate,
But who’s so great, I’d force others to do it

Implicitly, at least, by holiday.
This puts the problem in a whole new light:
Whoever I might think of or might say,
To somebody out there, would not be right.

For ultimately, what we think is good
Will vary as we see reality:
If we’re not balkanized, it’s understood
That everyone around is not like me

So some might celebrate the Supreme Court;
And others the U.N., or maybe NATO —
And some might go for one like Alan Moore,
Where I might favor somebody like Plato

But ultimately any holiday
Is for those who embrace what it might mean;
And we cannot agree on anything
As anyone with eyes has surely seen

So let opinion-makers weave their words;
And make up holidays – it’s just for fun –
But don’t let anybody order you
To honor anything
Or anyone

= = = = =


If you could pick one person to be commemorated on a day dedicated to him/her alone, who would you choose?

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