New Troas

The language of our ancestors
Is hard to understand;
And yet, for fourteen hundred years
We’ve traveled as they planned

The home that they foresaw for us
Is well within our sight;
And everything has gone as they
Expected on this flight

And yet, these old barbarians,
What did they did really know?
They never really lived in space
Those many years ago

The people of New Troas have
Our own ideas in mind;
We’ve learned a lot in all that time
And aren’t completely blind

For instance we know Mitylene,
The first place that we reach,
Has beings behind walls that our
Technology can breach

The same goes for Neapolis
As well for Assos, too;
With what we have aboard this ship
There’s little we can’t do

So ancient strictures won’t prevent
Us from our rightful place;
The strongest, rules. Such is the law
Of every time
And space

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