I met a man the other day …

I met a man the other day
Who still believes in freedom;
Who thinks to live and worship, folks
Should do as they deem best

He had his own beliefs, I know,
But didn’t think it treason
That others disagree, and walk
Upon a different path

He didn’t fear that they’d corrupt
His children with their teaching;
This freedom thus extending to
His progeny as well

The oddest thing of all, was his
Respecting strange traditions
That were not his, and wouldn’t be
As though these weren’t a threat

I offered him the bread of lies
That he could eat in comfort
To realize the evil that
All other thoughts entail

He turned it down, and said to me
Political awareness:
I know that food, it’s baked within
Oven Dishonesty

The hardest lies for us to pass
Are those of many people.
Especially, when we like them,
And we want to be a part

Of who and what they are, and as
A price of our admission
They ask us to defame all those
Who are not in their group

But this I will not do, and I
Suppose it is a weakness.
It has doomed me to live apart
From others, I suppose

But you can’t tell me, in the end
That xenophobia
Is anything but harmful, even
When we dress it up.

I met a man the other day
Who still believes in freedom;
A low and gentle voice among
The marching armies’

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