Love Stuns the Countryside

She said:

I wish that I had more to give.
But I work hard, and what I have is truly yours.
I will be someone in whom you can place your trust.
There are depths in me no man has ever seen
And there is a fire I have kept
In secret rooms all these years
For only your admittance.
And I will love you – oh, I will love you
With all the passion any woman could have
Through the rest of our days, and
Through the uttermost reaches of my heart.

He answered:

My love will be an instrument for you:
Playing beautiful music every day.
My labor, a melody to help you rest in the evening.
My passionate love, a rhythm to quicken your pulse at night.
I will share what I have fully with you
And together, we will see colors that neither of us
Ever dreamed we’d see.
Let me honor you, and be worthy of all trust:
In action, in temper, in words, and in touch.
For all my love is offered to you

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