To Walk As Phantoms

I walked into a storm of sand
As gusting wind blew in my eyes;
And barely could I move a step
When suddenly, to my surprise –

The sand passed through me. And I felt
Relief from heat and stabbing pain;
A walking phantom I’d become
Immune to sand and wind and rain.

This talent, it turned out, I could
Turn on or off at my command:
This power I could also spread
To anyone in every land.

With no walls that them could contain
The innocent I could set free:
And knives and bullets would, in vain,
Assail human mortality.

So often, I have wished that I
Could spare people from circumstance:
But rarely did I have the power
And few times did I have the chance

So if I ruled the world, I think
That ruling’s not what I would do:
I’d share the pow’r to leave this world
And just let troubles
Pass on through

(Prompted from “If I Ruled The World” from The Daily Post)


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