On The River

I received a Sound Challenge from Miss Evelyn, which is conducted, I believe, as follows:

Sit down. Focus on the sound around you. Write down the first sound you notice. Write down the next. And so on and so on. Don’t just write down what you hear but, try to put some feeling into it!
Just try to isolate the sounds one by one. Whichever catches your ear first.

You can challenge as many people as you want who you want to challenge* by linking them or post on their blog! Give a reason as to why you want to challenge them. Use “sound challenge” as a tag.

* We all know that doesn’t work out to well with me, as I tend to challenge the most obscure (and long-dead) historical figures I can think of to these challenges.  So I’ll pass on challenging anyone by name, and issue a sort of blanket invitation.  The rules are above.  The poem is below. – Owen

= = = = =

I hear the sounds of crickets by the river,
I hear the croaks of frogs, the hum of flies;
The river purrs on its way to deliver
Such boats as it decides not to capsize

The cars, of course – I hear them on the bridge-way
The music from the bar down by the shore
The sound of fingers tapping on an iPad
That indicates that’s it
There’s nothing

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Beleaguered Servant

Owen Servant is an online poet working in a style that's been described as "compulsive". In real life, he is an actuary, because being a poet wasn't unpopular enough.

8 thoughts on “On The River”

  1. Thank you for accepting my challenge. I appreciate it. 😊 I never would have thought of the sound of an iPad as my key pad is silent.

    1. To Miss Evelyn and Silence,

      The plastic fan whirs, almost rattling from the time it fell
      and bounced.
      Louder still is the window that is open, the window on the other side of the house that is not open, the back door that is not open, the door to the other side of the house that is open but leads to a very inclosed spaced of many closed doors and windows.
      The Air says hello as it flows by the fan to little to stop it from coming in. It says hello as it is not felt by the 27 year old who types here and now in the late night hours. It says hello but is not felt by the furniture, not felt by the closed windows and not felt by the closed doors.
      The Air is silent but at the same time louder than the fan that now is not rattling, it must have tilted, the Air is louder because it is imagined. The Air is louder because it becomes and is becoming bloomed by the fact that it is only able to circle in a lazy and elongated S shape with only one way out. When the air is not felt it also louder because it is seen as the negative space standing out like a an object in the way.
      The Air is Louder and will be Louder as it passes by noticed and unnoticed touching someone here and tapping someone over there. The Air Blooms now even Larger than before as the once closed door becomes open. The Air once silent and unfelt springs to life blowing noticed onto the boy, the furniture, and the open and the closed windows and doors.

      To choosing to seeing and listening well and clearly.

      Sam Sutlive.

      1. That was amazing Sam. I can feel how the air is stilted and yet grows louder and louder as all is silenced around you. The Air is alive and apart of us, surrounding us, providing us with warmth and comfort. Ominiscent.

      2. Dear Miss. Evelyn,
        Thank you for your comment and thoughts. I like the way you described the air around us.

  2. Dear No Talent For Certainty,
    I like your photo, the bridge and the reflection of the bridge are both amazing and or awesome.

    I enjoyed reading your sound poem, especially the end.

    “The sound of fingers tapping on an iPad
    That indicates that’s it
    There’s nothing

    The last three lines sound in my head like three individual punches in the air solid and well rounded.

    Sam Sutlive.

    1. Dear No Talent For Certainty,
      I was thinking about writing this in the above post but did not. There is a Korean TV show called Good Doctor. In one of the episodes a boy in the hospital is always seen listening to an ipod. He never responds to his demanding mother, the other children in the hospital, and he barley speaks to the hospital nurses and doctors. One doctor, the one the title is named after, finds out that the boy is using the ipod as a crutch to listen to the his demanding mother and to what the doctors are saying about his operation that he has to have.
      We have been talking about silence, sound, and listening. I thought the moments from this episode fit well into our discussions and is a good example about communication as well.
      Sam Sutlive.

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