She Could Have Been The One

The night grows heavy silent, as
The wearing day is done;
At home amidst the emptiness
He can no more outrun

But she – she would have been the one
To comfort him, and give
A purpose to his meaningless
And feckless way to live

She saw the best in him, and he –
He was his best with her;
But left her for concupiscence
That sordid saboteur

Now she’s moved on without him, long
Ago that line was crossed;
She could have been the one, but
All that
Was lost

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2 Thoughts to “She Could Have Been The One

  1. Oh, “concupiscence”! I haven’t heard or seen this word in so many years. Being raised and educated in Catholicism, I once knew it well. The breadth of your vocabulary and how you paint the words on the canvas sometimes stuns me.

    1. Well, thank you. I love the rhythm of certain words, and that word is one of them.

      Normally, the odd parts of my vocabulary come either 18th or 19th century English literature; however, I honestly don’t remember where ‘concupisence’ comes from.

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