Why DO I write so frickin’ much?
I CANnot say, I cannot say
Why WON’T the words leave me alone?
There HAS to be a better way

To TURN this madness into fire,
TURN the fire into verse;
TURN my mind off for a while,
LET sleep to my spirit nurse

WHY am I so sleep-bedraggled
WHEN I do not sleep at all?
WILL this writing soon demise me,
ROBbing Peter
TO pay Paul?

2 thoughts on “Insomniata

  1. Insomnia and irregular sleep patterns have a lot in common with some of the most famous writers out there. Seems they go hand in hand. I have insomnia too…sucks but then again, it only sucks because someone decided at some point that I must be in the office by nine! 😉

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