Möbius Strip

Möbius strip

These selfies made of verse
Have gone from bad to worse;
For the whole gist?
A narcissist
I am – and it’s a curse.

I write down how I feel
As though that’s some big deal:
But what’t the point?
To self-anoint
And bear the martyr’s seal?

Perhaps, if I looked out
I’d see what it’s about.
But do I dare?
It’s dark out there,
Befogged by fear and doubt —

These verses, though, can be
An aid, if you’re like me:
For writing shows
My life still goes
And not just

4 thoughts on “Möbius Strip

  1. If we don’t write from where and who we are what would we write? Anything else would be audacious. I at least am no prophet nor saint. Best of all you can write for me! And have done so above-yippee!

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