The Rain and the Conversation Internal

The rain is beating on my head
And filling up my mind

Whatever happened to that girl –
My sixth grade Valentine?

I pull my scarf around my neck
My cap over my eyes

You know what would be good right now?
Some fresh hot crinkle fries

The puddles jump into my socks
The chill goes up my back

The last I heard, she was a dentist
Up in Merrimack

I dash under the awning as
I breathe and count to ten

I could drive through for chicken wings
And pick up some fries then

I slowly wipe my glasses and
I head back to my desk

To think of childhood girlfriends, man?
That is kind of grotesque

I take my hat and scarf off and
My two legs I extend

I hate the cold. I don’t need fries.
I wish this rain
Would end

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