The Other Side of the Coin

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Buffalo Nickel.”

The year was 1999
In process: one divorce

The world had changed for me, and I
Was charting a new course

A single father with a child
A house, and a career

Another (stepson) there part-time
And certain things seemed clear

Like that the kids were first
And that all else would have to wait

Like that I wasn’t a bad dad,
But a mom? Not so great —

Like that I couldn’t sit around
I had to be more active

And that somehow, unnoticed, I’d
Become way more attractive

For meeting women seemed a breeze
A mere formality

And while most of them seemed okay
They weren’t that great for me

But there was one I could imagine
Being with for life

That was some year for both of us
Since she is now
My wife

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