Youth Retreat

Just thirteen, and I was at
What’s called a “youth retreat”;
For some, it was a “youth advance”
For others, “youth defeat”

We had a good time swimming and
Both boys and girls were there;
It was exciting times for me
And yet – in times of prayer

I found my mind was restless, and
Upon the girls would be;
There was one in particular –
She had no use for me –

And whose rebuffs had got me feeling
Stupid and alone;
Couple that with being placed
Within the brain-nerd zone

By most of my compatriots
And you see where I was.
I felt unfairly treated,
Though I don’t know why, because

I wasn’t all that wonderful
To other people, either.
But one day, as the kids “paired off”
I took a little breather

And walked around the lake to see
The camp from far away;
I still remember clearly what
I thought about that day

That faith was getting harder
As my mind focused on me;
And so I started down a path
Of holy absentee

I wanted things I couldn’t get.
Grew bitter with the thought:
And before long, beside that lake
A pitched battle was fought

So I gave up on many things
And thought I understood
That maybe I could get the girls
If I was not so ‘good’

It’s shallow and it’s stupid
I retreated from my youth
Thinking that faith had weighed me down
And that’s the honest truth

I had to test the waters, and
Swim out to where it swirls:
I wish that I’d been noble, but
I did it for
The girls


In Good Faith

Describe a memory or encounter in which you considered your faith, religion, spirituality — or lack of — for the first time.

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