On My Daughter’s Wedding Day (3)

Sometimes I write about actual events and people I know; sometimes I write fiction. The poems in this series are about actual family events.

(Part I)

(Part II)

True Story 3

Part III

My wife was helping our daughter
Move into a new house
A neighborhood man walked by
Who introduced himself
And offered to help

And now
Fifteen months later
He stands ready to watch her walk down an aisle

He, too, a brave soldier
Soon to be in the same Afghanistan

A man whose father and mother traveled from India
To the Caribbean island where their first son was born
To Brooklyn where he was raised

And he, so full of life and purpose
A joy-spreader, a friend to all he meets
So full of love for my stepdaughter

And she for him

And when the organ music starts playing
It is me playing it
As her actual father walks her in
And for the first time in my life

I am crying at a wedding

Really, really crying





(Part IV)

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7 Thoughts to “On My Daughter’s Wedding Day (3)

      1. What a lovely memory, and you shared it so beautifully. Your daughter is fortunate to be so well-loved by *all* of her parents. <3

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