Okay, you weren’t my first
But you are in no way
To anyone

Everyone else
Was preparation
Just unsatisfying appetizers
On the way
To a spectacular main course

I couldn’t have known I’d meet you
So I didn’t live my whole life as though I would

Although I see now
That the life I did live
Was perfect preparation
For appreciating how wonderful you are

You my dear
Are second
To no one

Not even

For a second

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2 Thoughts to “Second…

  1. Hi. I loved your poem.

    I suspect that at some time in every relationship there’s a moment when it would be great to be able to say to say those exact words to soften the sour, stony visage of your significant other.

    There is one part only that for me is less than perfect. The second half of the second stanza sounds slightly insincere to me. I know that it is what my lover WANTS to hear, but it is not as truthful as the rest of the poem.

    In truth, were I to use that dinner analogy with my current lady love, I would surely end up fasting on the couch. And I would undoubtedly remain hungry until I convinced her that that I had absolutely no appetite for dessert.

  2. I loved your comment, thank you. I think you’re right. That stanza might have been better as follows:

    Everyone else
    Was preparation
    A chance to learn who I was
    So I could know for sure
    Who I want to be with

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