A Brief Encounter

Coke in Car

A woman asked me if I was in pain
I told her that I was, and she was kind
To stop and help a stranger in the street
Someone she’d probably never see again

She walked me to my car and I got in
I thanked her and said I would be okay
I took some pills I kept beside the dash
And watched her as she swiftly walked away

I sat and drank a Coke until I felt
That I could drive again, then home I went
And slumped into my chair, and closed my eyes
The last bit of my energy full spent

And drowsily I heard by wife come in
Although she was my girlfriend in those days
She sat gently beside me, stroked my hair
And looked at me with her sweet, pensive gaze

“Were you down at the park?” She asked. – I was.
How did you know, I asked her, and again –
“My sister said she helped a guy down there
Who sounded just like you – a gentleman.”

It wasn’t much to be a gentle guy
With so much pain throbbing inside my head
But I’m glad that she said that about me
And really, not much nicer could be said

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