Worth It

Coming home from a long day at work...

Raining It In

It’s raining where I work today But I’ll show up and earn my pay Or try to: try to prove my worth As though each day was a new birth But through this pane of glass I see The wild world in front of me And hear the booming thunder roll All things beyond my … Continue reading "Raining It In"


At lunch I have a sandwich I sit and read a book I get my soda refilled I slowly take a look To see how long I’ve sat here And find, to my dismay I might as well stay longer And craft a resume

Human Workers

See the world of human workers: Used and blandly cast aside, With the trappings, and the comfort Meretricious words provide See the world of dust and shadows, See humanity writ small: Love’s a game for fools and beggars Words we do not mean At all

Hallways : Luxury Hotel

How did I ever end up here? It’s like a sort of fantasy – And yet, these halls are real, And this is happening to me But sill, life’s downs and ups They are but little understood: And when I wasn’t looking Things turned Good

Hallways : Modern Office Atrium

So what now, can they make of this place? All is still to do; Location’s good, they have the space, No effort they’ll eschew The dreams of those who try their hand, Another, average day; An empty room turned into something, That’s The human Way


I’m puzzled and dismayed I have been played By my own hesitance