In The Mix

I you loved me we they it Can’t you stay for just a bit? Rabbits run and habits die Me they loved you we it I. You loved me we it I they Then, I fear, you ran away - Ran somewhere I couldn’t see: Loved you I it they we me. It me you … Continue reading "In The Mix"


herperfectfacebookkindoflife is imagery, chicanery with travel tales, and jokes so rife, and filled with daily bravery; the ideal worker-mother-wife — herperfectfacebookkindoflife

I Stooped To Use A Metaphor

I stooped to use a metaphor And kind of scraped my knees; I should have known the dangers of Heavy analogies It figures that figures of speech Would figure in this tale; As part of parts of speech is parts That can be rather frail And so, unwary and confused. I tried things to compare: … Continue reading "I Stooped To Use A Metaphor"

Words Work

I hate stress, which I’d like to stress The state of being under duress; Under dressed, with formal required, Reacquired while tired Leading to retired.

Let’s Say Ta —

Let’s say ta — To Minolta And to Sparta Let’s say ta — To calamata And some hot pancetta And to a cold Fanta Let’s say ta — To a good fermata To operetta To a beautiful arietta Or a wonderfully structure sonata Maybe we won’t say ta — To quota Or capita Or strata … Continue reading "Let’s Say Ta —"

Am I Using These Right?

I work for bear I had a problem with battles between my various teaching staffs So, to solve this problem All my faculties were brought to bear I went to plow a field It had a giant, immovable clock in it I needed to plow, so I worked around the clock My horse was injured … Continue reading "Am I Using These Right?"