How Tangible

It’s strange how tangible is lack, How much reality Is in the things we wish we knew That never come to be. The touch I’ve wanted long to feel, The taste I’ve never savored: They’re still within my fevered mind, And that has never wavered — It’s strange how very real it is: These things … Continue reading "How Tangible"

Great Asymmetry

Again, love’s great asymmetry: The surplus seeks the lack — We find that we love someone who Just will not love us back. Again, love’s great, great puzzlement: You find, as people fall They often love a person who They do not know at all. In fact, it seems that many can’t Love anyone they … Continue reading "Great Asymmetry"

Diaries of Another Summer (4)

Helios burned away the fields, And tore away my mind; I followed her up to the Emerald Watch But she was not inclined She longed for a man in a uniform Who was now across the seas: I followed her up to the Emerald Watch With a new kind of heart Disease

unspoken premise

because he loved her, they would live the dream; since that’s what’s people do when love is shared —- but she did not accept his enthymeme, and so she lived her life, while he despaired

Well, You Asked (#2)

She will never love you as much As you love her All you can do is decide Whether or not that’s good enough Then get on with your life ‘Cause she’s getting on with hers