Across the Room

“… to want someone, something that you don’t have …”

Across the Room

Across the room, I see you, and I don’t.
For somewhere else, your mind is at this time;
And I will ask, although I know you won’t
Say anything is wrong. No, all is fine —

Yes, all is fine within this perfect mess,
For you’re resigned to your unhappiness;
Across the room, the man that you might see
Has met no hope, fulfilled no fantasy —

But he’s not mean, or bad, so you feel wrong.
The lack you feel’s no wound, and there’s no salve:
To want someone, something that you don’t have,
And dream of other lives; all day to long —

And I’ve done all of this to you, I see:
So go on, then.
                                  Let go.
                                                  I set you

Choking Off Your Own Voice

Growing old can be something you do to yourself.

To feel the world, you must be open to it,
But opening’s a painful process now;
With risk-taking, the only way’s to do it,
But it’s been years since you’ve forgotten how

You do not feel the air as you inhale it,
You do not see the sun, the moon or stars;
A chance will come, but you will not avail it,
And more of who you were is stored in jars

So don’t remain here, choking off you own voice,
The world is still out there for you to see;
The bitterness you feel – that is your own choice,
You are the person that you chose to be

For sorrow needn’t stay because we age;
New hope can put to sword
Your dying

The Happy Bus – Do I Get On?

The Happy Bus

If I have memories of happy times

Is it a tragedy that those times are gone

Or a blessing I ever had them?

For I can choose one or the other

I can let happiness continue

Or continually mourn its loss