3 Angles – 2

Past the surface Much is moving, Much we never see — What we take for calm Is often Quite disorderly. If we do not Look beyond Surfaces or faces, We are prone To miss the truth, At its very Basis

Repeated Lies

We all believe the lies When they’re repeated oft enough — We think we are immune; We think we recognize fake stuff — But I’m not sure at all, I’ve made mistakes, I bear the welts — We fool ourselves, so tell me now: Why couldn’t Someone else?


now you know why every color matters

Imperfect Love (A True Story)

Imperfect love was perfect for them. He recalls their wedding day — Radiant in joy and sunshine, Always, in his mind, that way Never in a hundred lifetimes Could he ever have foreseen That she would be taken from him; Left to celebrate and keen For a ghost he longs for nightly, Loneliest of earthly … Continue reading "Imperfect Love (A True Story)"


There’s life and beauty, here, I see; I reach to capture it in verse — The world is better than my words, And also, very, very, far much worse —   I heard a saying once, but I’d Betray myself, if it I speak: The sayless often show the truth The resting often find the … Continue reading "Sayless"

Shower of Spiders

This is an actual true story of truth filled with honest verities that actually happened, mostly.

four beliefs

i keep these in my secret heart, the four beliefs of mine: love keeps us tethered to the soul with hopeful bits of twine that truth is a ubiquity that few have eyes to see there unity in differences within humanity and finally that, though may we scheme and try to live our plan the … Continue reading "four beliefs"

The Heart That Knows The Truth

Of what’s to come she can’t be sure, But she’s seen love and been alone — The heart that knows the truth is pure, And has a beauty all Its own