The Model Life (4)

I don't deny I love the way you look And though it's said to be but shallow praise Just one encounter was all that it took. The time has passed, now: all the years, the days, And still I love to see you being you, With all your many attitudes, and ways. For what's most … Continue reading "The Model Life (4)"

The Window of An Age

The seal upon the window of an age: Like lights that glimmer, loosely linked in lines, The purple calm upon the yellow rage. Though sighted, still the best we see’s through blinds: A city skyline and a moldboard plow — Is that the view that this, our time, defines? Perspectives, formed by what we will … Continue reading "The Window of An Age"

The Emerald Sea

He walked out on the blowing sands, And gazed across the emerald sea, Forgetting all his other plans. He walked along in ecstasy, And all his thoughts were with her full. He thought it all an augury. From what might come of his heart’s pull, He did not know, but hoped for much: A touching … Continue reading "The Emerald Sea"

Another Reason

There’s much we’re given that we cast aside. The process: fitting in or standing out — And yet, heredity is hard to hide: Its workings leave bystanders little doubt As to where we might come from. After all, Although our own uniqueness we might tout, Genetic code across us like a scrawl Is penned. Then … Continue reading "Another Reason"

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