He Fell In Love With Summer Nights

He fell in love with summer nights The year of the exploding dawn The ecstasy, the endless flights, The morning’s crest when dark was gone He put a ring around his pride Athwart a line of endless lights He came to know the man inside And fell in love with summer nights

Summer Breaks

The summer breaks, and skies come down, It’s more than we can understand, No safety anywhere in town As darkness falls across the land Let ev’ry heart that is awake Take heed: the summer’s born to break – As we are, when the feelings come That leave us overwhelmed And numb

To Live’s To Play

It’s summertime: To live’s to play. There’s really not much More to say —

The Song of Summer

Sing again to me of Summers gone by When careless winds blew through flowing hair Sing to me of time spent in admiration In laughter, and in the music of new souls The song I still remember But I need to hear you sing it Do you remember the tune? The words? Do you remember … Continue reading "The Song of Summer"