days of softness summer

in days of softness summer sings
it’s varicolored chorus;
the bright life essence solstice brings
the sharp relief in minor things
through light we’re opened, porous

in moments of recumbency
we find our missing ardor;
the worried minutes hours flee
and all the lost, the you the me
invoke the sacred charter

in days of softness summer sighs
its song of sweet enchanting;
if love came first we’d realize
that tenderness is right and wise
and summer, time for planting —
the seeds, our lifetime’s

Summer in the Smokies

It’s summer in the Smokies,
She lives just up this hill;
And if he goes there now, then she
Will break his heart and will.
For she has done it many times,
And she can do it still

It’s summer in the Smokies,
He should just drive on by.
But he knows that this road & her
They both can get him high;
He’s bound to make his old mistake,
But could not tell you why

And so the smoky summer eve
Is falling in the glen.
He’s headed up the hill, to find
The doom of many men;
To know his weakness – know it well –
But still do it

He Fell In Love With Summer Nights

He fell in love with summer nights
The year of the exploding dawn
The ecstasy, the endless flights,
The morning’s crest when dark was gone

He put a ring around his pride
Athwart a line of endless lights
He came to know the man inside
And fell in love with summer nights

Summer Breaks

The summer breaks, and skies come down,
It’s more than we can understand,
No safety anywhere in town
As darkness falls across the land

Let ev’ry heart that is awake
Take heed: the summer’s born to break –
As we are, when the feelings come
That leave us overwhelmed
And numb

The Song of Summer

Summer Song

Sing again to me of Summers gone by
When careless winds blew through flowing hair
Sing to me of time spent in admiration
In laughter, and in the music of new souls

The song I still remember
But I need to hear you sing it
Do you remember the tune? The words?
Do you remember Summer’s fragile kiss?

And whenever lovers play
Where the sea meets the sky
Underneath a drenching yellow sun
The song is still remembered
Still sung

Sing again to me of Summers gone by
When love burned wildly on our shoulders
And every night was spent
Only when we were