Solitary Walks – III

The mind goes back to when he was alive To possibility – and to his heart – A bench out in the woods, a moment shared, And how the world seemed bigger than it was But there is only silence, and a way Of seeing things that comes when overgrowth Crawls over landscape, tree, and … Continue reading "Solitary Walks – III"

Solitary Walks – VI

At last, the sun goes down; the walker leans upon his walking stick, looking across the fields at the edge of the forest. What barriers there are, he thinks, will one day be taken down; what separates us, he believes, is nothing we can’t help each other to get over.

Solitary Walks – V

Like us, the water reflects the color Of all that grows around it: Gray and bare, when skies are gray And trees are bare – Lush and green, when rains have been plentiful And trees grow with all their lust for living Like us, the water hides its secrets, Shields its young, Covers over many … Continue reading "Solitary Walks – V"

Solitary Walks – IV

Out on the edge, a barn of certain age Sits waiting, though abandoned long ago. I’d bring him comfort, if I could assuage His loneliness with anything I know: But he’s a stolid, stoic sort of sage, Who takes his comfort where he finds it. So — Instead, I look inside to where the light … Continue reading "Solitary Walks – IV"

Solitary Walks – II

The sun’s a thoughtless killer, how It blazes carelessly: This path protects the forest, but The forest protects me. And shielded in its reticence, Renew the ancient trust: We must protect the woods, so that The woods can protect Us

Solitary Walks – I

It’s early, and The waking trees Are moving slightly With the breeze I walk along The forest edge Although but lightly I’ll allege To each, indeed, To all I see; But that will not Be many – For I am out Here all alone, Companions I’ve Not any. It’s early, and The woods unknown To … Continue reading "Solitary Walks – I"