5 Pastels – 2

The same stores, across town Were dying; shortly, They will come back to life by Moving out of the past and Into the Pastels

The Dirt In Our Choices

Your favorite little place, that so few people knew about. Somebody’s small business. A place that always felt like home. You noticed things there, of course. When the floor started looking a little dirtier. When it took a little longer to get service, or those occasions when what you always liked to get there wasn’t … Continue reading "The Dirt In Our Choices"

That Door

If that door never opens It’s locked for good one day; And dreams, and jobs, and memories Just up and go away That door is watched here, daily. They count the times it swings: And if the number gets too low, They’re on to other things Then one day, we want choices, But all of … Continue reading "That Door"