Paean to Self-Righteousness

Sung to the tune of whatever you might feel like, or not sung. It’s your call.

I don’t have everything I want,
And so, I’m truly needy;
I do not like to pay for things
But other folks are greedy

It’s up to those damned others
To address what I might lack;
My shoulders rather stretched from patting
Myself on the back

For here in my perfection
I judge culture as a whole;
I may not look much like a god:
But know it —
My role

I’m Pretty Much Right

Amazing how well the evidence supports my views.

I Am Right

With everything I read, I find
My views all vindicated;
And those who (I suppose) oppose
Me, are unmitigated

Bankruptcies of befuddled thought
Who can or will not see:
That what I say makes perfect sense —
At least
It does
To me