If Thought

If thought could be to presence made A monster truly would he be; For what stray happenings are there Would be laid bare for all to see — Though uniform desire seems As taken for in woman, man — That smallest part he dares to show Is close to little as He can

Written, But Never Seen

Buried in a box Inside a wall Under the ground Sits the wanton secret That she only once Wrote down Of how she gave herself In lust, to one Not yet of age There’s no one Who has read her book That’s ever seen That page

you never knew…

not even years later on facebook would i admit this to her ... ever ...


You think about it all the time, But never have you said The weight you carry in your heart, The words within your head — But in the morning, hard and gray, You’ve known these secret pains Then covered up the traces, All the bruises and the stains. To all the world you’ve shown a … Continue reading "Stains"

Secret Crush

If you look carefully at the photo, I'm just slightly to the right of it.

A Country Autumn – 2

The truth is this: our wishes and our dreams Tell more about us than appearances. What truly is, ensconced behind what seems: The barriers, the interferences That come from doing all our everyday Must-dos, that hide away our woulds and wills, The nose to wipe, the one-more bill to pay, The moving shadows stored online … Continue reading "A Country Autumn – 2"

Admission Decision

He cannot stand this anymore To feel so much, but speak in code He must give way or He’ll explode Just pieces washed up on your shore