from searching

people like to tell us to be satisfied when we are not, and not to be satisfied when we are, because people like to tell us what to do. but hunger, thirst, yearning, and desire are all there to tell us we are missing something. never come back early from searching until you’ve completed your … Continue reading "from searching"

in soul of search mates

  belonging. the sad is search and difficult with all of its dramatics to turn oneself into a prize it’s moral acrobatics we love because we love to love to need to feel inside but all that ever was and is is made of clove and pride we string along our platitudes we soon evince … Continue reading "in soul of search mates"


There’s life and beauty, here, I see; I reach to capture it in verse — The world is better than my words, And also, very, very, far much worse —   I heard a saying once, but I’d Betray myself, if it I speak: The sayless often show the truth The resting often find the … Continue reading "Sayless"