10-Man Crew…

Passing through the seasons, Much is left for wanting; Parrying the reasons — Harrying, and haunting — But, those lost tomorrows Still were worth amassing — Deathless hidden sorrows: Ephemera passing

In Thinner Air

Balance on the edges; Wondering and waiting. Promises and pledges? Balms to aid abating. Climbing is a college; Testing all our talents — Precipice of knowledge Crest of breadth in balance


Holding, for a moment, Diff’rent times and seasons: Tossed about by heartache, Lost in all the reasons Much gets out of focus With a life’s unfolding; Soon bereft, releasing, With what’s left for holding


Treasure made in magic Make a life worth living; Lines of sweetness simple Signs of grace in giving Sheila on the bed sheets Playfully, in pleasure, Moves a mind to marriage Proves a trace in treasure


Anchor on the shoreline, Ship no longer floating; Ranger of the seaways, Danger going boating. Knowing storms are coming, Cannot be a wanker – Choose to eschew peril, Lose not life, but anchor


forming frames in fictions living loving learning dalliance with dictions balancing and burning shivering and shaking waking then and warming slanting off and slaking fantasies for forming

The Jetty

Jutting out the jetty As the gray day’s growing; Violence in virtue Of the silence sowing Through the nascent nightmare Is the blank abutting; Ragged broken regions – Jagged thoughts are jutting


Forming sights of season, Plenitude and plenty; Like a raid on reason, Magic made by many – Coldness can be covered, Lovers will be warming: High the hope has hovered By the faith that’s forming

Barren Basin

Barren basin brooding, Voices in the valley; Woe to wolves that wander, Go to find no galley Danger in the desert, Chafing off to Charon; Wall of wailing wasted, All your hopes, but barren