Public Bathroom Grudge Graffiti

Now, he doesn’t have to leave his room.

Except, not this clever.
Except, not this clever.

In decades past, he wrote on bathroom walls
With all the courage of the newly scorned;
With phone numbers and “for-a-good-time-call’s”,
His sentiments, both crass and unadorned —

But now he doesn’t have to leave his room
To strike out at the women who he’s loathe
To admit were his poor libido’s doom,
And who (he wishes) he could each unclothe —

But like the wall obscenities of yore,
He’ll work to do what damage that he can:
And prove again, as has been proved before –
One can be male, and still not be
A man

Ex’d Off

They are some pretty nice photos, to be fair.

she sent her ex some photos
of her down at the beach
so sad he couldn’t be there
and she was out of reach

the days are nice (she said) the sun
keeps shining without end;
the nights are not bad either
in this bed
with your
best friend