The Captaincy

She was made captain of the team It surely was an honor Alas, the weight of captaincy Sat heavily upon her She tried her best to show the way In word and thought and action But found frustration her reward A fast drive to distraction For people had their lists of things Both spoken and … Continue reading "The Captaincy"

Off Course

Sometimes, we do not recognize Just how we got to where we are; We find, to our sudden surprise That we have gone off course, and far We struggle to remember those Decisions made along the way; But every step we took we chose And that’s how we got here today

Different Paths, Same Trip

Power, freedom, responsibility, diminishment, and death This is the typical journey from childhood to the grave — If we are granted that much time Small children see that bigger people have more power, And they want to acquire it Teens see freedom as the big prize of the next age: Freedom to do as they … Continue reading "Different Paths, Same Trip"