Raining It In

It’s raining where I work today But I’ll show up and earn my pay Or try to: try to prove my worth As though each day was a new birth But through this pane of glass I see The wild world in front of me And hear the booming thunder roll All things beyond my … Continue reading "Raining It In"

I Once Knew Everything

I once knew everything, but now, I only know the autumn rain: The world is so much simpler, There is far less to explain I don’t think it was vanity, I’m pretty sure I knew it all: But now, my only kinship is With raindrops as they fall One might think I had lost a … Continue reading "I Once Knew Everything"

Storm Cloud Hovers

On the horizon Past the line of furthest sight A storm cloud hovers And, as storms will always do It will come when it wants to


- The rain creates reflections -