Raining It In

It’s raining where I work today
But I’ll show up and earn my pay
Or try to: try to prove my worth
As though each day was a new birth

But through this pane of glass I see
The wild world in front of me
And hear the booming thunder roll
All things beyond my weak control

The vanity that is my life
The constant struggle, strain and strife
That daily I myself surround
Like rain, as it comes tumbling down

I Once Knew Everything

I once knew everything, but now,
I only know the autumn rain:
The world is so much simpler,
There is far less to explain

I don’t think it was vanity,
I’m pretty sure I knew it all:
But now, my only kinship is
With raindrops as they fall

One might think I had lost a lot,
But I don’t know if that’s the case –
Far better to feel beauty than
To gaze on evil’s leering face

I once knew all there was in books,
But now I only understand
That like the rain, we all must fall
And life is less – and more –
Than what we planned

8 Portraits, #5

She knows the rain is coming
And it’s making her feel bad;
But seeing her in that outfit is
About to drive me mad

As she looks out the window
It just feeds my appetite;
And as I move to touch her
And I can tell that I’ve done right

Because we fall together,
And in a sort of haze
We make amazing night out of
The boringest of days

And many hours later,
With takeout at the door,
I dress to answer, seeing those
Black shorts upon the floor

And look at her in wonder,
As pretty as a painting,
And thankful that this afternoon
It happens to be


The rain creates reflections of what is;
Both on the pavement, and within my head

I dream awake, sleepwalking through my day;
Then wrestle with realities in bed

A prototype of something new and bold
Was what I always dreamed I would become

And yet, a sort of ectype’s what I am,
I sit reflecting:


And blind

And dumb

I take a rainy view of life…

I take a rainy view of life;
Like drops that cover everything,
My gray spreads over all the land –
And people say it’s good I’m here,
Though no one wants to see me

I keep the storm within myself;
I only drizzle, never pour –
I splash the streets and byways with
These few small tokens of my heart,
Which no one much enjoys

The sunny days are downhill days,
But I am more an uphill guy;
The rain, it ruins everything —
In paradox, though, brings all life
For that which kills, sustains
In right proportion

Rain Power


Feel the power in the rain
Lose your worry, feel no pain
You have everything to gain
Give yourself up to the rain

Days grow dark and nights go dour
Longing for some higher power
Join yourself, now, to the shower
Build a soul to nature tower

Give yourself up to wet
You’ve not been defeated yet
Take the world by storm, and get
All the rain power

My Friend, The Rain

I asked for a friend who’d never leave
And so I got the rain;
She said she’d share a drink with me
Then asked me to explain

Why I’d all these dry habits and
Why I had yet to shed them:
Don’t ask for friends who’ll never leave
You’re just liable
To get them