He Who Sleeps In Harvest

Time was. That time no longer is. “You can do better. You know you can.” This had been his father’s frequent refrain. Yeah, probably, he thought. But there’ll be time for that. I’ll get it all together, I will. Then, one day, he closed his eyes, and when he opened them again, his father was … Continue reading "He Who Sleeps In Harvest"

Only 2 Out of 5

Reghan Flynn, twenty-six, was looking at recipes and meals on Pinterest, when it struck her forcibly how ironic that was. She was taking in ideas about cooking through a medium where she could neither smell nor taste. Nor touch, for that matter. By rough calculation, given her phone and her laptop, she figured she spent … Continue reading "Only 2 Out of 5"

Fourteen Waves

It’s summertime now. Next year, Lexi starts high school. Each year has been like a wave; they’ve come in gently and receded with deliberation, gradually giving way to the next one. It was early afternoon, and her mother was looking at baby photos, remembering with fondness what her daughter’s smile looked like before she had … Continue reading "Fourteen Waves"

Driftwood Beach

Every morning, she walked down to the seashore to watch the sunrise. They had won a five day, five night vacation to this place in a contest held at the neighborhood grocery store. She had never won anything in her life before that, and when they called to notify her she was the winner, she … Continue reading "Driftwood Beach"