The Graying

“She wasn’t supposed to feel like this”

The baby’s crying in the other room,
And she feels helpless, empty in the graying;
She can’t describe the hopelessness she feels,
The gulls are crying all that she’s not saying

The waves, they murmur listlessly in choir:
The sky with dank oppression now is rife —
To just find hope again’s her one desire,
Amid the graying tank that is
Her life

Post Natalie

Hi.  I’m Natalie –

Let’s be quiet; Sara’s asleep in the other room

I love looking at her when she’s sleeping, she’s so little, so precious

But when she’s awake, sometimes, I just don’t what she wants

It’s been kind of lonely here

I mean, my friends go out at night, and I’m at home;

And while sometimes I meet my friends for lunch, they say all I ever talk about is Sara

They talk about classes and guys and parties, and I talk about Sara being able to roll over now

So, my friends don’t come around much

Jon seems to work longer and longer and he almost never comes by to see us

He said he wouldn’t be like that, like his dad was

I love her with all my heart, but, I didn’t realize it would be like this

I can’t go on like this

I’m just lost