the many poses we will strike

my words would lead you to someone not me in part the many poses we will strike and strike again, in joy or agony the burnt-out sage whose mien is childlike

the ruined land

he burst upon the ruined land with promises both vague and bold to make the dull horizon grand with just the instruments at hand that all will turn to gold that all will turn to gold so, where the sun that hides its face? now, where’s the light that lately shone? must dark descend upon … Continue reading "the ruined land"


a day begins with public sins these gangly fools who know no rules they’re crossing all these lines when they should stay in place to try to change their fates unfolding into grace to dare to wander out of class to leave the destined life behind the ultimate in sacrilege for those of sort-enabled mind … Continue reading "guttersnipes"