5 Pastels – 5

How easy to mock, Other people’s priorities. But a taste for beauty and order Isn’t really a thing to mock — For much in life is terrible or chaotic, And even more is, in the last analysis, Problematic, and unsolvable. So, those who add something To peace, or joy, or wellbeing, Are among The angels

5 Pastels – 4

More beautiful than A sculpture and a symphony, Her hands and her voice — Locked forever in my mind, and Interlaced in every idea I have Of love

5 Pastels – 3

living in a city can be the ultimate love / hate relationship — for little else in life can simultaneously give you energy and sap you of it at the same time. it is equal parts splendor and squalor, joyfulness and misery, brotherhood and animus. but in the light of a beautiful morning, both sides … Continue reading "5 Pastels – 3"

5 Pastels – 2

The same stores, across town Were dying; shortly, They will come back to life by Moving out of the past and Into the Pastels

5 Pastels – 1

She chose the colors carefully, In rooms where neither would demur — Their shades – deliberate, subdued – Their passions Never Were