Like A Book

Our laughter turned into a sort of rhythm, Our rhythm turned into a sort of dance; As motion filled with music filled with passion, A double-bed became a vast expanse -- A journey that it took a while to finish, Two pioneers upon a new-cut trail; And she was like a book I couldn't put … Continue reading "Like A Book"

For Love of Dancing

For as long as she could, she danced: wherever, whenever. Every day. She didn’t dance because she was the best at it. She didn’t dance for the attention. She danced for love of dancing, for the pure joy of it. Long before I met, and fell in love with, and married her, she had this … Continue reading "For Love of Dancing"

three blue candles

three blue candles in a row where she knew she shouldn’t go in a room of closed desire smoke now circles ever higher lying thoughtlessly has crept promises have not been kept but she does not care somehow in the feeling she has now for the burning justifies broken vows and sequent lies as she … Continue reading "three blue candles"
Come on let’s set the sky on fire Faster slower lower higher Giver taker seller buyer Are all and nothing both somehow Come on lets turn the night to splendor Laws of love are legal tender Victory involves surrender Everything is here And now


what can’t be said in sentences might still be felt in phrases; ubiquitously goes the theme through all its many phases a harmony of many pangs, a fugue of many sorrows that speak of our lost yesterdays and still to be tomorrows

the night divides

the night divides into an "us" and "them" -- and lost is individual and twice the argument both pointless and ad rem and through the {that feels good} and {oh that's nice} is something rather vague and imprecise upon the shallow moorings of the dawn -- the night divides into a "here" and "gone"

The Song of Summer

Sing again to me of Summers gone by When careless winds blew through flowing hair Sing to me of time spent in admiration In laughter, and in the music of new souls The song I still remember But I need to hear you sing it Do you remember the tune? The words? Do you remember … Continue reading "The Song of Summer"