Assumptions (14)

I look at paintings and I think
How full and wondrous it must be
To see or dream, and then to make
That vision a reality.

How I would love, with colored brush,
To bring a world inside my mind
To canvas for the world too see,
And leave this drab gray one behind —

But then recall, with some chagrin,
My father was an artist who
Put brush and paint away for good
When he was only thirty-two.

For though he loved to paint, he was
In a too-common situation:
What he could see, he couldn’t match,
And so stopped out of sheer


Good Friends

Ekphrasis: the process of describing a work of art.

"Good Friends" - by William Merritt Chase
“Good Friends” – by William Merritt Chase

She and she were best of friends
A century past, in a sunny place;
Brought back to vibrant life today
In art by William Merritt Chase

I saw a gallery of his work
And stopped and gazed, hour on hour’
And felt, somehow, that I had been
Where he had been, by some strange power

Been on the beach, or in a grove,
Been in a park, or off in Spain;
Or been with two friends on a lawn
In some way that I can’t explain

And like this woman and this dog
I felt a kinship to this man
I’d never heard of anywhere
Before I saw his work, firsthand

Sunny Spain

I wish I was in sunny Spain…

"Sunny Spain" by William Merritt Chase
“Sunny Spain” by William Merritt Chase

I wish I was in sunny Spain
Where I could find my life again
And breathe the air of inspiration
At least, in my imagination

I’d travel to a distant spot
That modern times had long forgot
And work all day out on the land
A healthy, fit and tanning man –

Or maybe not. That doesn’t sound
Like what life’s like when I’m around:
More likely, in my ease arrayed
I’d sip sangria in the shade

Terrace, Prospect Park

In case you couldn’t tell, William Merritt Chase is one of my favorite painters.

"Terrace, Prospect Park" by William Merritt Chase
“Terrace, Prospect Park” by William Merritt Chase

Where human works come together in unity with nature

Light and silence sanctifies their union