Dealing with Obsession

When I could sleep, You were in all my dreams; A thing you couldn’t know, And never will — For through no Fault of yours, I had these thoughts: And I could find no Therapy or pill To drive you from The visions in my head. But all of it was nothing I could keep: … Continue reading "Dealing with Obsession"

by slow intense

by slow intense apocrypha she let herself be known; he tried to see the bigger way, but soon his mind was blown out of proportion, everywhere; he’d lost his stock-in-trade — by slow intense infatuation his last bed was made

A House from Dreams

He’d known the truth, and known it long; She owned him body, soul and heart — And he would love to break away, But die if he should ever start   At least, that’s how it seems to seem; But every day just shows, You cannot build a house from dreams Or lover out of … Continue reading "A House from Dreams"

in brief perfections

in brief perfections life glowing on the instant erupts in madness © Subbotina | – Beauty Portrait Photo

A Drive

A drive to see and to forget – Replace the pain with memories – A journey of three thousand miles, Of mountains, valleys, deserts, seas — A drive to know and understand, A trip to find the hidden key — As thoughts gives way to other thoughts And shining she to shining Sea


before i knew the truth, my heart ran free; now it’s more you than me