Legacies Written on the Soil

The slow march of time, a saraband; The dancing of hills and highways -- Us, carving our initials Into the changing earth, Finding some meaning In just building, Leaving there A love Note

impossibly beautiful (4)

those few things that she does not treasure have no weight under all these stars burning up wishes nightly within that velvet heart that will not be stayed by circumstance nor hectored nor brought down

impossibly beautiful (3)

to understand the unknowable may be where empathy begins; knowing what we do not know gives us space to let go of those certainties yet unproven we carry always still

impossibly beautiful (1)

impossibly beautiful stranger, improbably wonderful friend — though the days grow terrible, we sit in silences born of other ways: with still some hope, longingly, into light

hidden premises

exploring roads of irrelevance: places that the years have bypassed, lives unknowable to me, ideals still visible in paint and shadow and touches that were placed there out of love

The Things I Ought To Have Seen

She sees the things I ought to have seen. But maybe it is not too late For me to know and do right. Integrity and truth Are worth the effort And worth the time, As is she, As is Love