why she’s so intoxicating
he can’t really understand;
she is here, and he’s a servant
waiting for her next command –

but that’s not the game they’re playing.
their game is much simpler still —
she desires to be wanted,
and he wants her with a will

but his want is tempered slightly
by a few scruples of his:
he cannot take their love lightly,
for to him, she precious is

now so open, so inviting –
it’s an offer he’ll soon take:
sensual dessert for two, with
love, the icing on
the cake

My Only Wish

My Only Wish

My only wish for you, my friend,
Is that these times would never end.
He loves you and he’s good to you:
And I can see you love him, too.

He loves your daughter just as well,
And after all the years of hell
You’ve been through: lonely, scared and poor,
It’s not too much I’m asking for.

I have one other hope, today,
Which is, as you go on your way
Through all your life’s new open doors,
Just know: this friend
Is truly

Never Broken

Never Broken

You were bent, but never broken,
Friend who I admire so –
Though the hurtful word was spoken,
Many painful lives ago

You’ve decided you’d do better
Than the life your parents had;
You are not your lonely mother,
Nor your broken, angry dad

There’s a strength that wells within you,
You will all your dreams fulfill —
You were bent, but never broken:
Never have been