snippet of a conversation

he listened to me talk, then said, in voice most odd -- "if you do not know jazz, then you might not know God"

The Song

Just walking through a grocery store And then he heard the song; Somehow, it brought back everything He’d buried for so long They were so very young, and she So beautiful and sweet; The first time that he kissed her He could hear his own heart beat Why did he throw it all away? How … Continue reading "The Song"


At 180 months, nobody Understood me like Prokofiev, The solitary walker in the white Of he Russia and me Florida Who knew my intervailing times Of drama and lyric introspection And who knew that underneath it all Lies the universal state of life: Dissonance


what can’t be said in sentences might still be felt in phrases; ubiquitously goes the theme through all its many phases a harmony of many pangs, a fugue of many sorrows that speak of our lost yesterdays and still to be tomorrows

String Quartets

I’m writing this on New Year’s Eve And listening to string quartets By Shostakovich, and They’re awesome. For, while life is full of messes, Stains, and blotches — these, instead, Are absolutely Perfect. And it makes A nice contrast   Photo credit : ID 53562673 Ukrphoto |


Pandiatonic and encircling, In wind and waves of sound, A song of connection and Contemplation, Surrounding and Full of the numinous

A Different Kind of Gratitude

We sang, for we were born to sing: The five of us, at home; For harmony was quite the thing, And music, polychrome In wintertime, the carols flew, The images, as well: Each story, be they stretched, or true, Delivered on the tell Yet fierce the moments sometimes, though – Like winter wind that’s blowing … Continue reading "A Different Kind of Gratitude"