Welcome, Love

A Sojourn

Welcome, love, it’s time to see
The price of our mortality
The fare we pay to take this ride
Where every comfort is supplied
To lead us to believe a lie
We’ll live this life, and never die

From birth to life, and life to death
We breathe but just a single breath
In time unsullied, lost in space
To run continually in place
And sometimes see a glimpse above
And say, in pausing – “Welcome, love.”

The Darkness Always Comes

Behold, the darkness always comes:
Predictable as your next breath,
A radio plays far away,
And strangers move through shadows —

An orange slice, a child’s tears,
The beating of forgotten drums:
Another hour started light,
Behold: the darkness always


“Tu Fui Ego Eris”

“I was you, you will be me”

That’s what the gravestone said —

Though it’s been many years, I cannot

Get it from my head


Although to know is… commonplace,

The fact we all must die —

It’s more just knowing, I am him,

And he

was I

Clouds and Light

Another day, another morning.

I know that I am just a cloud;
A bit of vapor, floating mist
That for a moment will exist
And be with consciousness endowed

I know that you’re a lonely light
That shines aways off, glimmering
Ancestral furnace simmering
Who longs again to own the night

I know tomorrow comes a dawn
Another day of stolen care
Another morning we might share
Before the clouds and light are gone