one too many

there is a walk we all must take although the time be yet unknown, besides the luminescent sea; a place we all must walk alone as chilly turns the living soul into the place the story ends — the family we leave behind, the tales, the struggles, and the friends who look for us, but … Continue reading "one too many"

Welcome, Love

Welcome, love, it’s time to see The price of our mortality The fare we pay to take this ride Where every comfort is supplied To lead us to believe a lie We’ll live this life, and never die From birth to life, and life to death We breathe but just a single breath In time unsullied, lost … Continue reading "Welcome, Love"

no controversy

there comes a day we have to yield, where there’s no controvery — when wind will blow and we must bow, for winter knows no mercy

The Darkness Always Comes

Behold, the darkness always comes: Predictable as your next breath, A radio plays far away, And strangers move through shadows — An orange slice, a child’s tears, The beating of forgotten drums: Another hour started light, Behold: the darkness always Comes

“Tu Fui Ego Eris”

“I was you, you will be me” That’s what the gravestone said — Though it’s been many years, I cannot Get it from my head   Although to know is… commonplace, The fact we all must die — It’s more just knowing, I am him, And he was I