one too many

there is a walk we all must take
although the time be yet unknown,
besides the luminescent sea;
a place we all must walk alone

as chilly turns the living soul
into the place the story ends —
the family we leave behind,
the tales, the struggles, and the friends

who look for us, but cannot find.
the loss that is a piercing-through,
the one too many gone that makes
us wish that we were going


… the end of all of this

Here is the end of all of this:
    most of us, one day,
    will lie in a room where the shadows grow,
    with memories crowded out by pain,
    knowing, only then,
    why we lit so many fires…
Just to keep these very shadows at bay.

Days we spend as interlocking cubes,
    silver and shiny, neat and trim,
    lost in the patterns of our illusions,
    pushing chaos beneath the surface;
    but look — down a hall you’ve already walked,
    there’s a bed and pillow you’re going to use…
And you’ll be joined to all the people who used it before

Welcome, Love

A Sojourn

Welcome, love, it’s time to see
The price of our mortality
The fare we pay to take this ride
Where every comfort is supplied
To lead us to believe a lie
We’ll live this life, and never die

From birth to life, and life to death
We breathe but just a single breath
In time unsullied, lost in space
To run continually in place
And sometimes see a glimpse above
And say, in pausing – “Welcome, love.”

The Darkness Always Comes

Behold, the darkness always comes:
Predictable as your next breath,
A radio plays far away,
And strangers move through shadows —

An orange slice, a child’s tears,
The beating of forgotten drums:
Another hour started light,
Behold: the darkness always


Clouds and Light

I know that I am just a cloud;
A bit of vapor, floating mist
That for a moment will exist
And be with consciousness endowed

I know that you’re a lonely light
That shines aways off, glimmering
Ancestral furnace simmering
Who longs again to own the night

I know tomorrow comes a dawn
Another day of stolen care
Another morning we might share
Before the clouds and light are gone