(between these two parentheses,
  I close my eyes and hear the sound
  of waves beneath a summer breeze,
  and my friends laughing, townward bound,
  but me — I stay to watch the night
  reveal a thousand mysteries,
  and hold what I love best most tight
  between these two parentheses)

Grew up on books, by books, in books —
Made friends, went places,
Had adventures, learned things —
And it was as real as anything is,
For I really
Felt it.

Went off on books, through books, under books —
Thought for myself (with a little help) —
Grew up, grew hard,
Grew fast, grew fat —
And it was as a strange as anything can be,
For I was estranged.

Came back to books, through books, on books —
For home is not only where the heart is,
It’s where your words are.

the merits of the cake

the party of the first part,
considering the merits of the cake,
adjudged the occasion worthy of the risk,
taking advantage of the outrageously low fares
available at all times to dreamers everywhere,
which was the icing of the thing, or perhaps
just the predictable result of a mind bent
on discovering how and why it is
that any cakes ever go

Robert Grosseteste

To all those
Doing great things
That they don’t realize are great

To the teachers —
The helpers, the guides
Pointing others to places they may
Never see, themselves

To the person of action,
Whose greatest moments may be
Those of imagination

There is a place of honor for you,
And others like you,
Trying to understand

Is worth it

All Those Yesterdays Ago

All those yesterdays ago
The nights were filled with you and me;
Where life would lead we couldn’t know;
It’s just as well. For we must be

Like leaves that drop into a river,
Heading out to open sea —
All those yesterdays ago
We had a taste of dining on