A Common Mistake

We want to see our flowers grow, But somehow, don’t suspect We won’t get buds of love, When we have watered with Neglect

A Far And Favored World

Come to a far and favored world, Where guide-less friends can meet To walk among the singing stars And smell the apples sweet That hang from rich and luscious boughs Along both hill and fen — Yes, come to a far and favored world, Where we can start again. Come to a red and dusky … Continue reading "A Far And Favored World"


She said / "Perhaps you'd like to stay"

Evening Falls Upon the Heart

When evening falls upon the heart, And all we’ve loved has vanished with the light, Our pathways, separate and apart, Converge within the muteness of the night. And there, within our solitudes, We reach for things that beckon to no peace; Obeisant to our sports and moods, Uncertain, though, of what might bring release — … Continue reading "Evening Falls Upon the Heart"

My Waitress

One night, I took the waitress home. I really couldn’t tell you why; It wasn’t on my bucket list Of things to do before I die The only thing I felt, I guess, Was between lust and loneliness; And I can only now confess The depths, then, of my selfishness Why she said “yes,” I … Continue reading "My Waitress"


You stare into a mirror labelled Do Not Look Again; An instrument both feared and fabled That can few abstain From sneaking in another glance. It hardly seems a crime: But once you take that second chance, It breaks you Every Time