Across the span of love and space, I see her young, her vibrancy; A sister of tomorrows that She was not fated far to see — But yet: within each perfect sky My heart and eyes can feel her there, In days that say that life is good, And some of that is still Adair

Second Kiss

The first kiss was a trial run; The second kiss, we meant it — Our eyes had locked that certain way, And nothing could prevent it The fear and worry that we had The spark would just be missing — That disappeared the second time That we resumed Our kissing

Snapshot: Breakup

she asked, what do you really want? i said, i’m sure i do not know. she stared out at the endless sea, and watched the wavelets come and go and as the summer turned a page, the daylight dimmed as by a switch – and love grew old, or maybe me — i still cannot … Continue reading "Snapshot: Breakup"

Snapshot: On Bikes

We drove around on rented bikes (Though she had decorated hers) And laughed until our sides got sore And we could barely pedal Anymore


you took your camera out into the snow with joy upon your face of twenty-three, and laughter swelled upon the fields in drifts and rang across the hollow through the smoke from chimneys up and down the backyard way, as images of icicles and frost and crystalline embodiments you shot, in days before you’d ever … Continue reading "snowshots"

the summer in your eyes

i saw the summer in your eyes, but knew you would be going; the waves continued rolling in, an autumn wind came blowing for it was time for someone else, some fanciful newcomer — and we burned out, like august did: our eyes still full of summer

Alicia at the Fountain

She placed her lips upon a stream Of pure and crystal water; That kids behind might push and shove, Experience had taught her. And so, she looked back as she drank, The marble walls, a spectrum — Then stepped off carefully, to better Make room for the next one. She studied, then, the walls up … Continue reading "Alicia at the Fountain"

Glimpses (12)

The past comes, fleeting, back in glimpses: Places, people, faces, times — Much that was is gone forever, All that’s left are words and signs   Signs of wonder, words of meaning, Times connected to the sun, Life grows dense and tangled ever, All so different, Yet one