what mark?

what mark will you leave on the world?

what mark will you leave on the world?
will it be love or beauty?
or will it be simplicity,
devotion to one’s duty?

will you give all in fighting or
give all to entertain?
will your life be about you or
some type of greater gain?

do you want to be heard by many?
or work on unseen?
advance us all in knowledge, or
perhaps you’ll intervene

to help the poor and suffering,
or light a child’s spark;
you have now the ability
so what will be
your mark?

Midnight Thoughts

Limits are not barriers.

Midnight Thoughts

The grass, it grows out in my yard
Without my intervention;
The things that I do not effect
Too numerous to mention

But I can help the grass to be
Both hale and free of weeds;
And while I can’t make hope or love
I surely can
Plant seeds