three blue candles

three blue candles in a row
where she knew she shouldn’t go
in a room of closed desire
smoke now circles ever higher

lying thoughtlessly has crept
promises have not been kept
but she does not care somehow
in the feeling she has now

for the burning justifies
broken vows and sequent lies
as she bobs her pliant head
three blue candles by the bed

First Foremost

No one knew it. Nobody.
She held that secret closely;
Her family thought they knew her well
But they mistook her grossly

She loved a man much older, and
Before long, they’d found ways
To steal away for secret nights
And torrid hidden days

They saw her as in years gone by,
All pink and girlish things;
But she knew what they didn’t know
Her heart’s desirings

And love transformed him in her eyes
To something he was not;
In passion’s vision, pure mirage,
No fear of being caught

Yes, she knew what they didn’t know,
Her girlhood left in dust;
That nice girls sometimes lose themselves


So now it’s ten years later, and
She’s married to the guy;
It never should have worked out, and
I cannot tell you why

The two of them are happy, But
It is not as I’d feared:
I can draw no conclusions, ‘cept
That life
Is very