once you walked this lane and nothing was lacking, but turns out, fathers matter to one who last knew long ago what it felt to be safe


her eyes were drenched in blue and wet, beneath a sky of blue and gray; her mood, a mix of red and blue and other colors, far away — into the blue of her regret, she dove, to find that pearl, past worth, of opalescent blue she lost, so long ago in childbirth


What she's lost, only her sister would know.

Single Thought #6

So we should live life humbly, And grow in grace and love; For old age will take from us That which we’re most proud of

Burger Chef

Let’s all go to Burger Chef You know, I’d love to go – Except, the last one closed its doors Oh, eighteen years ago To long for places that are gone That is my great despair; ‘Course, if I’d felt that way before The place might still be there