What she’s lost, only her sister would know.

What she’s lost
Only her sister would know

No mother there to see her success
Nor to see the woman that she
Has become

No father to call now
When she has car troubles
Nor to walk her down the aisle

No parents to be there
When her first child is born
And ‘family’ at Christmas
Will always be incomplete

Another day on the calendar
To you and me
A time of unspeakable sadness
To her
And to her sister

The orphaned
All around us
We should love them
If we possibly can

That much extra

Doesn’t Seem The Same

How what we see changes.

The sun goes down, it’s nothing new.
At least, to you and me;
But someone newer stands and watches
There, beside the sea

Since all that might endgender wonder
Still does what it does,
If it just doesn’t seem the same,
I’m not the guy
I was