So Many Things

So many things she’s always longed for Linger there, outside her door; There’s a passion to her yearning, Always something, always more Stuck here, tethered to her sorrows, Pain, regret and comfort small; Searching for those new tomorrows, That she dreams of most of all Not the life she would have chosen, Not the girl … Continue reading "So Many Things"

To Know and Reach

So stretch beyond yourself Point your soul at all that breathes And see your true place If nonsensical this seems You’ve maybe never tried it


To desire, But know not just what We long for

the longing time

in lifetimes within lifetimes, an underlying pang we think that we have pushed away but tends to boomerang — for all our needs and yearnings are such we never shake, for there, beneath our many masks, will always be that ache

From the Shadows

She longs for him at sunrise, She yearns for him at night, He’ll touch her from the shadows, But flee her in the light. She wants him there, completely, Among the waking hosts, A man who never did believe In anything Like ghosts

in soul of search mates

  belonging. the sad is search and difficult with all of its dramatics to turn oneself into a prize it’s moral acrobatics we love because we love to love to need to feel inside but all that ever was and is is made of clove and pride we string along our platitudes we soon evince … Continue reading "in soul of search mates"

but days i see the longing

i fool myself sometimes, i think. as though the past is gone, and we have made it through our patch of rough —   but days i see the longing in you – i, then, realize that everything we have is not enough

Secret Longing

The secret longing of her heart Is rarely best expressed in words, But felt in breezes, heard from birds, And seen in works of love and art