The voice of the gray morning…

The morning speaks to me of smoke and failure
Of tired feet and shoulders stiff with ache;
Of half-dreamed dreams that fade thenĀ out of being
Of practiced tension, thirst one cannot slake;

The morning speaks to me of vague acceptance
Of broken life, of lies, and now, ennui —
Of people who have passed into remembrance
Of everything that was, or soon
Won’t be

The Book of Reasons

There is a book of reasons where
The secrets are all kept;
I saw it last night, in a dream,
And my heart fairly leapt

To know there was an answer, and
It’s there for us to read,
To understand the emptiness,
The hunger, and the need —

But blurriness was on the page
And I could barely see
Or understand the writing that
Was there in front of me

For life may have its purposes
We know, behind our fears —
But with the book of reasons, we
Must first see past

The tears


Half-frozen mud, cold bracing air
A wind that makes my neck aware
That leaves torn from the tree will die
These poor gray strays who tumble by

And like the ghostly light I seek
The morn recedes behind the line
Only of chance to risk a peek
At drifting lives
Like yours

And mine


(“Aware” – 11-19-2014)


Armed only with one’s own experience,
We have to face the worst that life can deal;
So many stories, major but untold,
That make up everything that’s whole, or real,

And still, we have to navigate our ways,
Along whatever paths we may avail,
And cram into however many days
Whatever steps upon whichever trail

That leads us to becoming. For we’ve seen
There is no place in this life we arrive
That isn’t temporary. Restless souls,
It is upon the journey we must thrive,

And draw strength from seclusion where we can —
Then find our way without a master plan

Another Smile

Another choice gets made —
But its the process, not
The choice, itself

From every corner store,
To every house, and
Onto every shelf —

For lo, we love the giant stage,
The spotlight bright,
The power great

But may discover, as we age,
The moments small we should
Appreciate —

Another smile is passed —
And yes, I noticed, me there,
Passing by

And it now lives in me:
So maybe you’ll have one today

Or try